Cycling Art Contest with AWARD! Photos/Art

See this? That’s me on that sticker but it could be YOU! Cyclists Against Mean People is having a photo and/or art contest. Send in your favorite photos/artwork… Top 20 will receive one of these new stickers, and the Big Winner will get 20 stickers made with their own photo/art! Email submissions to: ALL … More Cycling Art Contest with AWARD! Photos/Art

Ode to Untamed Teeth

David Bowie. The man, the magic, the legend. The Goblin King OF. MY. DREAMS. January 8, 1947 ~ January 10, 2016 My sisters and I have had life-long sometimes quarrelsome obsessions with David Bowie… we wanted to marry him… we swooned over his mismatched eyes, his androgyny, and his beautifully untamed teeth. Yes, that’s right… … More Ode to Untamed Teeth


In the short duration since I started the Facebook page for Cyclists Against Mean People I’ve received a startling array of feedback. It seems people either love CAMP, or… hate it, or… hate cyclists in general and feel obliged to tell me so. Sometimes by way of private message. And in those cases I have … More muses

Make a Beginning

  For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. ~ T.S. Eliot Somewhere near Redwood Highway, Northern California. December 31, 2015. New Year’s Eve ride with frost, and dogs…


The first batch of stickers are in and here’s how to get one: LIKE Cyclists Against Mean People on Facebook. Request a sticker via PRIVATE MESSAGE. When your sticker arrives… stick it somewhere visible (other than by just you), take a photo of it, and post the photo to C.A.M.P.’s Facebook page with location details. … More STICKERS!